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To choose the best table saw you have to rely on many criteria such as size, weight, features, … in which, according to me, the motor of the device is strong or not the first criterion for selective.

Because there are different types of table saws that lead to different motor operation. Today in this article I will discuss two basic types of table saw motors: Direct drive motor and belt drive motor. Let’s read and discovered.

The motor of a table saw
The motor of a table saw


Each type of table saw has a horsepower corresponding to different engines. For example, hand saw often have engines with 1 to 2 HP horsepower. 

How to choose a machine with horsepower suitable for our needs? I will point out the following. This is quite difficult to say clearly. However there is a rule like this: A table saw has a 1 to 2 horsepower engine, can cut wood panels about 2 inches thick with no problem. If you want to cut a larger, thicker board. You should choose a motor saw with larger horsepower.

What is remarkable is that Horsepower is not the same as the saw blade or fence that you can change at any time. It cannot be upgraded if you want to be. Therefore, depending on your needs, think carefully about how to choose a saw with suitable horsepower.

As my suggestion is, you should buy an engine with a horsepower of 3-4 Hp, It is suitable for almost all kinds of wood from big to small. You won’t have to worry about whether it can cut large logs.

Note: If during the operation of the saw, you feel that the saw is not enough horsepower as you used it. You should stop the operation immediately and bring to reputable facilities to repair. If you try to use it, it will be very dangerous to you at any time.

Types of motor drives

Table saws have two common types of motors: belt drive motor and direct drive motors. Although it is not so essential as horsepower. But you should also know and learn it.

Direct drive motor

Direct drive motor directly attached to the saw blade. Therefore, the power is effectively transmitted directly from the motor to the saw blade. Makes the operation process effortless but also fast. Another highlight, the direct transmission engine when operating does not cause much noise as when using belt drive motor. And users do not spend much money to maintain this type of engine. With belt drive motor, Because there is a “belt” that is easily damaged so it needs to be replaced regularly. Furthermore, the direct-drive motor is also lighter and smaller than the belt drive motor.

Now that we discuss its minus point, the direct-drive motor does not produce much power and torque. Following the functions of table saws, in particular, portable table saws have many limitations in different ways.

Why need a lot of power and torque? Because if there is more energy or more torque, the motor will be able to solve many larger, larger panels. Meets the workers’ productivity requirements. On table saws like cabinet, hybrid you can see the belt drive motor.

Belt drive motor

Do not assist with the direct-drive motor. The belt drive motor does not transmit directly to the saw blade but it passes through the belt and pulley to transfer energy into the saw blade when operating. The machine has more parts. Therefore machines equipped with this type of engine are usually larger, wider and very noisy when used. As mentioned above, because you are equipped with a belt, you must maintain the device regularly to be able to operate most productively.

Some of its outstanding advantages are that it can cut a lot of wood for a long time, high durability. Best of all, there is a vacuum function when working very well. Because the engine is far away from the saw blade, you don’t worry that the machine is broken quickly, the life is longer than the direct-drive motor.

In conclusion

I have finished reviewing the horsepower and two common motor types of table saws: direct-drive motors and belt drive motors. Hopefully, you may find it helpful when choosing to buy the best table saw such as the best portable table saw.

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