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I used to get angry because there are too many choices of wood chisels in the market so I do not know which one is the best for my things. Fortunately, I have an epic opportunity visiting a wooden house of my friend, an architect. Although he is not a famous one I afraid, but he has almost every items that you can imagine. And the ones below are some of the best wood chisels that he suggested for you guys.

Obviously, you do not need me to remind that there are two main factors contributing a typical wood chisels: the handle and the blade. In addition, you may want to consider an attractive and safe box in order to storage at home and keep the sharp things out of the reach of your children, and your wife perhaps. Trust me I have my real experience.

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My friends had spent way too much money on buying the wrong wood chisels. You do not need several months after to find out that the one which you bought is not good enough as you had hoped. In our opinion, the expensive wood chisels set may not be the good one. On the other hand, we will represent you a couple of sort that pretty well for woodworking with an affordable price.

Significant types of wood chisels

You probably have your own ideas of the things such as furnitures, toys and so forth that made you have to look for a suitable tools set. My first advice before we go straightaway to the topic that you must go for materials may want to be used. This is a very important step because we all know that there is a mixed various of wood chisels for as wide as range of different kinds of wood. Your result will be the best if you chose the most suitable chisels, not the best or the most expensive ones.

There are three main types of wood chisels we want to talk about today: Bench chisels, Paring Chisels and Mortice/ Tenon Chisels.

If you want multi-purpose woodworking chisels which can be used for chopping and paring so bench chisels will be your first choice. The bevel edges, firmer or registered will be fascinating if you use bench chisels shaped them.

Also spelled “Mortise or Tenon chisel”, these sort of chisels are usually used for heavy and harsh wood. The “Sash”, “Pig sticker” and “registered” are the most common types of mortice.

And the last but not least chisels is “Paring’ for things that needs a very careful and delicate slicing. Their blades much thinner than other chisels but they are still made of high carbon steel. You can use them for almost every wood with the exception the harsh one.

Wood Chisels Handles: Plastic or Wood one?

To be candid with you, the wooden handles are always my things because of the weight that they give to the chisels when we hold. The balance I mean. The handles from wood may be broken easily sometimes if they was made of soft and trash wood. But some of my guys like using the chisels as heavy as possible so they opted for the plastic handles. Therefore, we always suggest you to come to a shop or a market and try to hold up several chisels and feel which one is a tight fit for your hand. Not only because I never use a metal hammer to bump a chisel handle so that it will takes a very long time to break a wooden chisels handle but also my wife is a anti-plastic person, so you know my priority choice.

Is the radical of woodworking chisels important?

In case you have not had your favourite furniture brands and so in confused with hundreds of brands from all over the world, our advice are the ones from China, Japan or USA. You can easily find out the best wood chisels on eBay with priced from $70 to $150 for 4-piece tools set. Don’t forget the most expensive may be not the most suitable chisels. We will be back with the compare of the best seller chisels in details.

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