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Learn about the motor of a table saw

To choose the best table saw you have to rely on many criteria such as size, weight, features, … in which, according to me, the motor of the device is strong or not the first criterion for selective.

Because there are different types of table saws that lead to different motor operation. Today in this article I will discuss two basic types of table saw motors: Direct drive motor and belt drive motor. Let’s read and discovered.

The motor of a table saw
The motor of a table saw


Each type of table saw has a horsepower corresponding to different engines. For example, hand saw often have engines with 1 to 2 HP horsepower. 

How to choose a machine with horsepower suitable for our needs? I will point out the following. This is quite difficult to say clearly. However there is a rule like this: A table saw has a 1 to 2 horsepower engine, can cut wood panels about 2 inches thick with no problem. If you want to cut a larger, thicker board. You should choose a motor saw with larger horsepower.

What is remarkable is that Horsepower is not the same as the saw blade or fence that you can change at any time. It cannot be upgraded if you want to be. Therefore, depending on your needs, think carefully about how to choose a saw with suitable horsepower.

As my suggestion is, you should buy an engine with a horsepower of 3-4 Hp, It is suitable for almost all kinds of wood from big to small. You won’t have to worry about whether it can cut large logs.

Note: If during the operation of the saw, you feel that the saw is not enough horsepower as you used it. You should stop the operation immediately and bring to reputable facilities to repair. If you try to use it, it will be very dangerous to you at any time.

Types of motor drives

Table saws have two common types of motors: belt drive motor and direct drive motors. Although it is not so essential as horsepower. But you should also know and learn it.

Direct drive motor

Direct drive motor directly attached to the saw blade. Therefore, the power is effectively transmitted directly from the motor to the saw blade. Makes the operation process effortless but also fast. Another highlight, the direct transmission engine when operating does not cause much noise as when using belt drive motor. And users do not spend much money to maintain this type of engine. With belt drive motor, Because there is a “belt” that is easily damaged so it needs to be replaced regularly. Furthermore, the direct-drive motor is also lighter and smaller than the belt drive motor.

Now that we discuss its minus point, the direct-drive motor does not produce much power and torque. Following the functions of table saws, in particular, portable table saws have many limitations in different ways.

Why need a lot of power and torque? Because if there is more energy or more torque, the motor will be able to solve many larger, larger panels. Meets the workers’ productivity requirements. On table saws like cabinet, hybrid you can see the belt drive motor.

Belt drive motor

Do not assist with the direct-drive motor. The belt drive motor does not transmit directly to the saw blade but it passes through the belt and pulley to transfer energy into the saw blade when operating. The machine has more parts. Therefore machines equipped with this type of engine are usually larger, wider and very noisy when used. As mentioned above, because you are equipped with a belt, you must maintain the device regularly to be able to operate most productively.

Some of its outstanding advantages are that it can cut a lot of wood for a long time, high durability. Best of all, there is a vacuum function when working very well. Because the engine is far away from the saw blade, you don’t worry that the machine is broken quickly, the life is longer than the direct-drive motor.

In conclusion

I have finished reviewing the horsepower and two common motor types of table saws: direct-drive motors and belt drive motors. Hopefully, you may find it helpful when choosing to buy the best table saw such as the best portable table saw.

The prominent applications of an electronic plier in life

It can be seen that the pliers are one of the most popular tools with many people in life nowadays. The pliers can be considered as an indispensable part of our life. Why did I say that? The reason is that the pliers are so popular and widely used by many people in many countries in the world. This tool is applied widely in many important areas of society such as the electricity industry, the mechanical industry, and the telecommunications industry. So in this article, I will introduce to you one of the most popular pliers that is an electronic plier.

Some general information about the pliers


Firstly, I think many of us do not know clearly about the question “ what are the pliers?”. So let me help you answer this question. The pliers are a handheld tool that is designed to hold objects firmly. Besides, this device is also applied to bend and compress a wide range of materials. This tool always is one of the most important devices in the box tool of the electrician and the mechanic. Moreover, the pliers also bring us an overwhelming benefit in life from the repairing works at home and the electrical and mechanical repairing works. There are so many types of pliers nowadays on our market with many different types, functions, and sizes. However, depending on the popularity of the pliers, people divided the pliers into seven main types including multifunction pliers, pointed beak pliers, cutting pliers, pincers open sides pliers, cutting cable pliers, nailed pliers, multimeter pliers, and plucking string pliers. Before choosing any plier to work with, we need to consider the characteristics of each work and then choose the appropriate size of the plier. With many different types of pliers nowadays, we have many choices to choose the best pliers set with a combination of specialized pliers.

Why is the electronic plier so popular with many people?

As we know that if one thing becomes so popular and is widely used by many people, this thing needs to have the benefits and useful functions with them. And the electronic is not excepted. The electronic plier has a lot of advantage in our life and is widely used by a lot of people because of its applications. So I will show you some prominent applications of the electronic plier below.

  • The electronic plier is very easy to use: firstly, this tool is designed with a compact and simple design so it allows us easy carryout and uses it in any places that we want to work. Besides, electronic plier is also very durable and safe for users. The body of this tool is made of high-quality plastic so, it has good insulation ability. Besides, the head of the plier is made of hard steel so it is highly resistant. That is one of the most important features that many people choose the pliers to use.
  • The electronic plier can be considered as one of the most popular pliers nowadays: it is very clear to see that this tool is so convenient in our life. The electronic pliers have a variety of function in life because of some following reasons. Firstly, electronic plier is not only useful for men to repair things at home, but it also is useful for electricity works and mechanical works. With the repairing works at home, we can easily use this tool to fix the electrical at home instead of losing money to hire the electricians to repair. Moreover, the main functions of each electronic plier are to cut, click, drag, tighten, pluck wire, and clip small objects such as copper, steel, and iron wire. So we can see that electronic plier has a high application and high efficiency in our life.
  • The electronic plier is one of the most important tools in the box tool of each electrician: each electrician must have at least one plier in his box tool. Do you know the reason? Because the main feature of the electricity works is that the electrician needs to work with high height. So the electronic plier with a compact design is completely suitable for the electricians. We can imagine that if the device has a big size, it will be very difficult for the electrician to carry it up high. Besides, with the electricians, we should use insulated pliers. And the non-insulated pliers will be used for the mechanics.

In conclusion

We can see that the electronic pliers have high applications in our life especially, in electricity works and the mechanical works. I think we should choose an appropriate electronic plier for our needs.

Why should we buy a moisture meter for wood?

A wood moisture meter (reviews) has an important role in our life for many important reasons. The most important reason is that it helps us with high economic value. It is always a pleasure for me to introduce to you the value of the wood moisture meter in human’s life nowadays.

The role of wood in life

Firstly, I will show you the important role of wood in life. It is not deniable that wood is an indispensable material in human’s life. We can see that wood has long been a major construction material and various types of furniture in production. In spite of the increasing development of science and technology nowadays, wood still is the best choice of many people, especially in the interior design of apartments, houses. All designs are assembled from wood to tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, even cars with the wooden examination.                                                                                      Moreover, wood also is an indispensable material in construction. Wood helps to make from the pillars, formwork when starting to build up to the decorative lamination, the floor, the pool floor when the project is completed. Besides, making pillars, floors, beams, purlins, scaffolding, making doors, windows, copy boards when the building is also the role of wood in construction. Wood always is preferable for construction because construction wood is lighter in weight than iron and steel and it is easy to transport and can be changed in size according to different construction works. Especially, wood is more convenient and cheaper than iron and steel by input materials and lower shipping costs of wood. Besides, we all know that a great advantage of wood that makes a lot of people completely believe to choose the wood interior design is that it is absolutely harmless to human’s health. Last but not least, wood is not only good for our health, but it also has very high durability. Some type of wood can exist about 100 years that they are not damaged and termite.

Some reasons to consider buying a wood moisture meter

Next, I want you to know more about the main part of this article. That is about the important reasons for you to consider buying a moisture meter for wood.

  •  According to industry experts, they think that 75% the quality of all wood in the production process is affected by the problem of moisture. Inadequate levels of moisture in wood may affect the quality and durability of the product. So the waste of money and bad effect will happen if we do not prepare a wood moisture meter to check.
  • The most important thing is that all kind of wood needs to be checked with the appropriate wood moisture meter as soon as being provided before production. Woodworking machine, wood flooring installation and inspection work must also use wood moisture meters to avoid waste issues in their project.
  • The wood moisture meter can help you eliminate problems such as curving, warping, cracking, breaking when processing wood. With a compact design, easy to use, a wood moisture meter is suitable and convenient for measuring and moving. Especially, it can measure very deeply in wood and give us an accurate result. The moisture meter is very fast and exact so it helps your measuring wood become simple.


It can not deny that the wood moisture meter brings us accountless benefits. Using a wood moisture meter is a method to check the humidity in wood exactly that you should buy. It is also a simple way to bring the most effective when checking wood moisture. So choosing a wood moisture meter will be an effective solution in producing interior products that are high durability and aesthetic. Nowadays, our market has an overwhelming kind of wood moisture meter that we can choose an appropriate type for us.

Which are the best wood chisels for carpentry in 2019?

I used to get angry because there are too many choices of wood chisels in the market so I do not know which one is the best for my things. Fortunately, I have an epic opportunity visiting a wooden house of my friend, an architect. Although he is not a famous one I afraid, but he has almost every items that you can imagine. And the ones below are some of the best wood chisels that he suggested for you guys.

Obviously, you do not need me to remind that there are two main factors contributing a typical wood chisels: the handle and the blade. In addition, you may want to consider an attractive and safe box in order to storage at home and keep the sharp things out of the reach of your children, and your wife perhaps. Trust me I have my real experience.

Image result for best wood chisels

My friends had spent way too much money on buying the wrong wood chisels. You do not need several months after to find out that the one which you bought is not good enough as you had hoped. In our opinion, the expensive wood chisels set may not be the good one. On the other hand, we will represent you a couple of sort that pretty well for woodworking with an affordable price.

Significant types of wood chisels

You probably have your own ideas of the things such as furnitures, toys and so forth that made you have to look for a suitable tools set. My first advice before we go straightaway to the topic that you must go for materials may want to be used. This is a very important step because we all know that there is a mixed various of wood chisels for as wide as range of different kinds of wood. Your result will be the best if you chose the most suitable chisels, not the best or the most expensive ones.

There are three main types of wood chisels we want to talk about today: Bench chisels, Paring Chisels and Mortice/ Tenon Chisels.

If you want multi-purpose woodworking chisels which can be used for chopping and paring so bench chisels will be your first choice. The bevel edges, firmer or registered will be fascinating if you use bench chisels shaped them.

Also spelled “Mortise or Tenon chisel”, these sort of chisels are usually used for heavy and harsh wood. The “Sash”, “Pig sticker” and “registered” are the most common types of mortice.

And the last but not least chisels is “Paring’ for things that needs a very careful and delicate slicing. Their blades much thinner than other chisels but they are still made of high carbon steel. You can use them for almost every wood with the exception the harsh one.

Wood Chisels Handles: Plastic or Wood one?

To be candid with you, the wooden handles are always my things because of the weight that they give to the chisels when we hold. The balance I mean. The handles from wood may be broken easily sometimes if they was made of soft and trash wood. But some of my guys like using the chisels as heavy as possible so they opted for the plastic handles. Therefore, we always suggest you to come to a shop or a market and try to hold up several chisels and feel which one is a tight fit for your hand. Not only because I never use a metal hammer to bump a chisel handle so that it will takes a very long time to break a wooden chisels handle but also my wife is a anti-plastic person, so you know my priority choice.

Is the radical of woodworking chisels important?

In case you have not had your favourite furniture brands and so in confused with hundreds of brands from all over the world, our advice are the ones from China, Japan or USA. You can easily find out the best wood chisels on eBay with priced from $70 to $150 for 4-piece tools set. Don’t forget the most expensive may be not the most suitable chisels. We will be back with the compare of the best seller chisels in details.

Top 3 best wood chisels in 2019

There is an extensive diversity of wood chisels that you can choose to make your own things at home. You can find any products manufactured in China, Japan, US and dozens of other countries. But you have to make sure that your choices are worthy and meet your demand. Let check it out.

Best wood chisels will help you finish you work perfectly

Your first priority: 4-piece tool by Narex or Stanley

There are two set that contains 4 pieces and both of them were produced by trusted companies. The wooden handle ensure that you can carry it with the most comfortable. In addition, the most attractive factor comes from the sharp and long blade that were made of stainless steel. Our recommendation of the best wood chisels are “Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 series” and “Narex Mortise Chisel Set”.

Simple always is the best. Do not choose a set with a mixed variety of tool that you never use. You will lose one of them someday and will be so regret about the extra money that you do not have to pay for two-useless-pieces. Trust me I did.

Great for details: 6-piece tool

If you want a complex set having more size than just 4 pieces we recommended about, these best wood chisels sets are for you. The set “Irwin Marples” is included 6pcs woodworking tool in size from one to one forth. Their blades are made out of carbon steel with a higher level, you probably may use them with wooden mallets or by hand as well. They will comfort all of you for sure.

Many customers have said that the colour is one of the reasons that made they chose that set. The dark blue handle will not let the dirty be seen if you are not a clean person (who can? We are making wooden things!).

According to US Carpenter group, this is the best wood chisels set in 2019.

Last but not least: Must-have carving tools

You will get 6 pieces of chisels using for carving in a fascinating wooden toolbox. The extra point for this because of the box which is easy to transport around or storage. I like the harsh of it, very safe for my kids if I forget to take it away from them.

In addition, “gouges flexcut carving tools” truly is a professional one because it can be used for hardwood carving better than any other chisels can. Don’t be worried if you look at the picture of product and think that maybe the blades are not sharp enough or maybe they was made of resin or something else. The blades are 100% made of high carbon steel as usual. And you can use them right after you picked them from any market that you can find in neighbour.

All of the sort that we introduced is at good price so that anyone can afford. What is your go-on wood chisels? Don’t forget to tell us if you buy one on our recommendations, we will be so happy to know that.

J.R. Cook

J.R. Cook of Nashville, Ark., has been making knives for nearly 30 years. His work includes standard lines with names like “Arkansas Razorback” and “Tuxedo Bowie,” as well as customized works. He received his Masters rating with the American Bladesmith Society in 1991 and has remained dedicated to the craft through the production of large Bowie knives, camp knives and hunting knives. His work has been featured in nearly every knife-related publication in the U.S. as well as many international publications.

Robyn Horn

Robyn Horn is a native Arkansan whose sculptural works have drawn regional and national recognition. Among her works is her “Millstone” series, inspired by circular grinding stones used in early nineteenth century flour mills. Horn cites nature as her creative muse, “I think in terms of wood and stone, of the things of which nature is made, of the ease with which nature develops and shapes and forms, created throughout centuries of accumulated time.” In 2000, she won the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award from the Collectors of Wood Art.

Leon Niehues

Leon Niehues taught himself basket making as a way to support his family’s back-to-the-land lifestyle in rural Northwestern Arkansas. His baskets are made from the young white oak trees that surround his home in the Ozarks. While using traditional splint techniques, he has added innovative ideas, new construction methods, and simple design elements that dramatically change his oak baskets into exciting contemporary pieces. American Craft Magazine wrote of Niehues’s baskets, “These containers deceive theviewer. They seem primitive and modern, functional and decorative, intricate and simple all at once.”

Larry Williams

Larry Williams of Eureka Springs, has contributed greatly to a revival of the 18th century trade of wood plane making, a cottage industry lost to mass production of the 19th century. He got his start in architectural woodworking as a restoration carpenter and cabinetmaker and began to experiment with making his own planes when he couldn’t find many usable antique tools. Today Williams and his business partner Don McConnell are among the few who make traditional wooden planes that cabinetmakers from hundreds of years ago would surely recognize. In his career, Williams has created and sold thousands of planes, at least 300 of which are used by tradesmen at Colonial Williamsburg.

Doug Stowe

Doug Stowe uses all Arkansas wood in his shop in Eureka Springs, where he’s been making custom furniture and a line of decorative boxes for more than 30 years. He originally began his artistic career as a potter years ago, but prefers working with native hard woods for their variety, colors and textures. “Wood is something that connects us deeply with our natural environment but also has a warm, tactile response,” he says of his material of choice. Stowe also teaches woodworking to young students at Clear Spring School, where he created the Wisdom of the Hands Program after noticing a decline in participation in crafts among youth. Stowe has published several books on woodworking and continues to write for a number of woodworking magazines.